After 13 years in my house, I was becoming overwhelmed with the accumulation. I had good intentions to purge, but no time or inclination. Fortunately, Courtney came to stay for a week before moving to South Florida and we went to work. It always helps to have a good organizer around, and this is definitely not my forte. I can keep a system, but not create one. Court and I systematically went through every room and purged. We gave away household items to Restore, Habitat for Humanity’s thrift shop, separated the clothes for friends and family, Court even scored a couple of pairs of designer shoes in the process. She “zhouzzed” and decorated with what remained, giving the house a cleaner and less cluttered appearance. We purged the closet and found some new and lost articles of clothing and jewelry, and she created some new outfits complete with accessories! I recommend her for a closet and wardrobe makeover. She is very clever with mixing your high-end items with less expensive accessories and basics, the result: a look put together and stylish. She can even create a virtual photo album for you so you never have the “what to wear” dilemma.
With her newfound role as a CAbi consultant, she can make those capsule wardrobes work overtime for you, and you can choose the clothes right in your own home.
Give it a whirl, you will love it and you will look fantastic.

-Michelle Hartog, RN
Pilates Instructor,Spa Services Director

We have worked with Courtney on a variety of projects with models as well as real women. Much more than a fashionista, she is a fierce fashion wizard with a wicked sense of humor and penchant for all things Chanel.
-Christi Ashby, Editor/Publisher of Orange Appeal Magazine

Simply magnificent is all I can say to describe the talents of Courtney Karem. She is wildly talented with all aspects of visual presentation including fashion to interior. Her passion for her craft is evident in her ability to deliver outstanding pairings of visual eye candy. Having worked with Courtney as a stylist for many projects she quickly became my number one go to for all shoots. Her attention to detail, unique color pairings, and general lively spirit always make it a delight to partner with. She is sincerely a one of a kind Chanel bag!
-Caroline Johnson, Photographer

I worked with Courtney while I was a fashion editor at a city magazine. She is a spicy little fashion force to be reckoned with. I could always count on Courtney to provide fresh expertise as to what was happening in the fashion scene in a reliable, timely and professional manner. Her great taste serves her well as a stylist and her honesty and wit serves her well as the kind of business resource that makes you want to be her friend. There is a special spot reserved in the Chanel club for someone with her talent.
-Andrea Stanley, Staff Writer at Working Mother Magazine

I became aware of Courtney when I saw a magazine feature on her. I was impressed with her work. I am an attorney who owns many suits and ties. After a while, I realized that I was always wearing the same three or four combinations. I felt it would be helpful to hire a fashion expert who could look at my closet and expand my mind to different combinations of suits, ties and shirts. Courtney did not disappoint. She was extremely punctual with every appointment. She took her time and examined my entire closet. After that she took about a week to develop an amazing, colorful and professional book with pictures of all kinds of combinations of my shirts, suits and ties. I cannot tell you how much her expertise has helped me in developing my fashion sense. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and affordable. I cannot stress enough to any professional male who wears lots of suits just how valuable of an investment it would be to him to hire Courtney.
-Federico Waczewski, Attorney at Law

Click the following link to take a peek at Courtney’s work with Federico and the lookbook she assembled for him: http://courtneykarem.com/wp/no-objection-here-your-honor/